• Kung Fu is an ideal way to exercise, combining aerobic workouts with stretching exercises designed to keep the body lithe and supple. Balance and co-ordination improve through the practice of two-person drills and single person forms, which are designed to teach efficient use of the body.

    Training in Kung Fu helps to increase confidence, while placing an emphasis on personal discipline and self-control.

    Traditional Kung Fu is most suited to the younger more energetic martial arts enthusiast. Our kung fu training draws from both southern and northern fighting styles. Styles currently selected for the public are:

    • Wing Chun kung fu
    • Chang Chuan kung fu
    • Praying Mantis kung fu
    • 5 animals (Choy Li Fut) and Crane kung fu
    • 18 weapons systems.

    Kung Fu Classes

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    Hello, Is there only training on Tuesdays?