• Frequently Asked Questions

    What should I wear?

    You will need to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes and trainers (preferably lightweight). Students that have graded should wear black trousers and either a plain black or white t-shirt or a club shirt. If you want to buy a club t-shirt then see the instructor at the end of class.

    What should I bring to class?
    The only thing you need is the lesson fee. However, training can get hot so please bring some water or other re-hydrating drink.

    What level of sparring is involved?
    Sparing is generally constrained to the last 5-10 minutes of the lesson. Sparing is light or none contact, without pads.

    Do you have competitions?
    Our branch does not run competions. However, the organisation at a national level does. Wutan national competitions are held once or twice a year, generally at the UK base in Southampton. Competition entry is strictly voluntary, but highly encouraged. Events include individual and group sets/forms (both open hand and weapons), sparing (semi contact, pads, gumshield) and Tai Chi forms.

    Do you have grades or gradings?
    We have regular grading (roughly every 3-4 months) where a coloured sash is awarded. In our school the sash is used as a marker for the teacher rather than for the student. It allows the teacher to know what he has taught the student and thus helps in organising the class. For the first set of gradings you will almost certainly pass. However, after a certain level the emphasis will change - you will only be allowed to take the next grading if the teacher thinks you are ready.